European Tire and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO)

All Weinmann rims are ETRTO compliant. ETRTO is an international standard that ensures perfect compatibility between rim and tire if both use the same ETRTO reference. For example, ETRTO “622” is equivalent to 29er and 700c in the US and Canadian markets and 28” in European countries.


 Single Eyelets (S/E)

We use corrosion-resistant stainless steel single eyelets which are strong around nipple holes, thereby improving the strength of the nipple/rim seat and reducing wearing out of the nipples and rim.



Double Eyelets (D/E)

We use corrosion-resistant stainless steel double eyelets. Similar to S/Es, it improves the strength of the nipple/rim seat and reduces wearing out of the nipples and rim. Together with the internal capsule, it reinforces the strength around nipple holes by connecting and distributing the spoke tension evenly on two rim walls. Double eyelets prevent nipples from accidentally falling into the rim chamber, making wheel building easier compared to single eyelets.


Internal Dimpling (I/D)

Internal dimpling is one of Weinmann’s technical strengths. It is a V-shaped deep drilling into a reinforced nipple bed at a 90-degree angle, adding more contact surface between the nipple bed and the nipple and thereby prolonging the nipple’s useful life.

Spoke holes on our products are drilled in two angles, radial and axial. For wheels with big hubs or small rims, such as e-bikes, internal gear bikes, and cargo bikes, specifics for spokes and nipple lines are precisely calculated and adjusted to create an even spoke tension, making the wheel more durable.



Many of Weinmann’s premium rims have an asymmetrical shape where the spoke holes are not centered but placed out of the middle of the rim. This creates a more equal spoke tension between left and right, resulting in a stronger and more durable wheel. Offset rims are advantageous, especially with disc wheels and cassette hubs. A symmetrical version of the same model is also available where offset rims are not required.


Flat Hole

Nipple holes come in various diameters. Here at Weinmann, we have 12G (5.0mm), 13G (4.7mm), and 14G (4.5mm) on offer. These holes are often directionally drilled and can enhance the spoke nipple line to a great extent.


Safety Line

Many Weinmann products are featured with a safety line, which becomes visible when the rim is worn down and needs to be replaced. This gives the rider a good indication of when rim replacement is required for a safe riding experience. Safety line is offered on all of Weinmann’s pinned rims and is only compatible with V-brake rims as opposed to disc rims.




Wear Indicator Line

Many of Weinmann's products are featured with a wear indicator line, which is a concentric groove on the rim sidewall at the center of the braking surface. Over time this groove becomes shallower and eventually disappears as the rim is worn down. Similar to a safety line, a wear indicator line works as a reminder, as it disappears, when a rim replacement is required for safety purposes.  Wear indicator line is offered on both of our pinned and sleeved joint models and is suitable for V-brake rims as opposed to disc rims.


Wear Indicator Dots

Wear indicator dots are two symmetric dots near the valve hole and the joint, in the center of the braking surface. Working similarly to a wear indicator line, as the brake pad wears the rim down, the dots disappear when a rim replacement is required for the rider’s safety. Wear indicator dots are mainly recommended for our high-end sleeved or welded joint rims with V-brakes.


Thread Rolling Pin Joint

A thread-rolled pinned joint allows the rim to be more tensile-resistant and stable.  Despite the additional weight, the two channels effectively reinforce the strength of the rim. Our thread-rolled pinned joint rims come with a safety line or a wear indicator line.



Weinmann’s high-end rims are sleeved and glued at the joint using our special technique to ensure a strong and safe rim. A major advantage of sleeved rims is that they are lighter than pinned rims, as pin tunnels and the additional weight in the latter are not required and therefore eliminated in the former.


Tubeless Ready (T/L)

Most of Weinmann’s premium rims are tubeless ready, meaning that an inner tube inside the tire is not necessary when a wheel is fitted with a Weinmann Tubeless Ready rim.


Pre anodize

Pre-anodized rims have the benefits of being lightweight and scratch or impact resistant compared to powder-coated rims. Anodization is completed before the rim  is manufactured. During this process, the surface of the rim is hardened at the same time. Pre-anodized rims come in two colors: black or silver.


Post colors anodize

Unlike pre-anodized rims, post-color anodized rims are anodized after the rim is manufactured. Along with the Peen Blasting process, the rim surface is hardened, treated and given an elegant appearance. Another bonus point is that all spoke holes are covered in a corrosion-resistant layer. This fine treatment works particularly well on aluminum alloy rims with high copper content, and is offered on request on Weinmann’s select premium products.


Peen Blast

This mechanical treatment equalizes and strengthens the rim surface, giving the rim a fine and scratch-resistant finish.  Together with the post colors anodization process, The Peen Blasting process creates a micro grain textured finish and exquisite appearance.



Hi-polish is a mechanical process with high-speed abrasive polishing that makes the rim more oxidation resistant, resulting in a bright surface similar to a chrome-plated one. This treatment is often a pre-step of the post-color anodization process. Hi-polish treatment is offered on select Weinmann products.