Weinmann was founded as Weinmann Aktiengesellschaft (i.e. Inc.) by Otto Weinmann in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1933. Core products at that time included side-pull brakes, rims, alloy wing nuts, and center pull brakes. The old Weinmann was most well-known for its top-quality side-pull brake model, Carrera. Over the years, Weinmann had become a trusted and reputable large-volume supplier of brakes and rims in Europe by the 1960s, featuring its lightweight and reliable products.

In 1944, the Swiss factory experienced severe bomb damage during World War II. Despite the setback, Weinmann soon recovered and resumed production in a new factory in the following year.

Since the end of World War II, production further expanded into Belgium (1946), Germany (1950), and Olney, Illinois, USA (1975).  

Weinmann ceased the European operations in 1991, and the North American operations in 2002, to reflect changing market and production conditions. During this period, the Weinmann brand was revitalized with its first Asian production commenced in 1996 in two strategic locations, Shenzhen and Kunshan, China, under the then Belgium parent company, Alesa Group. Alesa Group and Weinmann China were subsequently acquired by Rigida Group of the Netherlands (now rebranded as Ryde B.V.) in 1997, making Weinmann a subsidiary of Ryde B.V. to date.

In 2009, to address increasing market demands, the Shenzhen operation was relocated to a new purpose-built facility in Huizhou, China with a bigger capacity for growth. In 2018, the management further consolidated resources within China, and made a strategic decision to cease the Kunshan operation.

Innovation and Technology

The new Weinmann places a strategic focus on the development and production of aluminum alloy rims and limited wheels and puts a great emphasis on product innovation. Over the years, Weinmann products have been well received in various addressable markets, highlighting double-walled rims with a pinned/sleeved joint (1997), DHL80 and DHL100 of the FAT Rim Series (2011), Lightweight Rim Series (2012), Tubeless Ready Series (2015), E-Bike Rim Series (2015), QX Welding Rim Series (2017), the 12’’ double-walled series for push bikes (2018) and the AL6069 E-MTB Rim Series (2021).

Weinmann continuously incorporates state-of-the-art technology to enhance rider’s experience and to meet market demands. This features the MTB Offset technology and AL6069 technology, which Weinmann applies to many of its proud product offerings. Furthermore, Weinmann continues to renew its manufacturing facilities to optimize production processes and enhance product variety. A good example is that in 2016 Weinmann imported new machinery which equipped Weinmann with the unique twin-angle technology for e-bikes with big hubs. 

The year 2023 marks Weinmann’s 90th anniversary. Over the years, we pride ourselves in our reliability, extensive range of products, superior quality and design, and continuing innovation. Weinmann has always been and will continue to be, your trustworthy business partner into your successful and rewarding future.