History of WEINMANN Brand

1933 Founded as Weinmann Aktiengesellschaft ( Inc.) Production starts with an aluminium bicycle brake in the Swiss Schaffhausen by Mr.Otto Weinmann.

1944 Heavy damages of the factory caused by an accidentally bombing in World War II.

1945 The new factory building opens.

1946 The belgian agency begins rim production.

1948 The attempt to establish aluminium cranks and bottom brackets fails due to lack of market response.

1950 To get a better access to the European Economic Community-controlled market the german agency is established.

1975 Launch of their top racing brake model "Carrera".

1984 Market launch of the spiral shafted HP-Turbo brake and of a cantilever brake for mountain bikes.

1991 Swiss branch closed.

1995 Established BIKEPARTS HONG KONG LTD. with Alesa Group.

1996 Established Weinmann Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd and Weinmann Metal Products (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

1997 Introduction of famous ZAC19 and XTB26 rim.

1997 Rigida Group acquires Alesa, Belgium.

1997 Rigida Group acquires Weinmann, China.

2002 Closed Olney rim plant.

2009 Weinmann Shenzhen plant relocation to Huizhou and open new rim manufacture plant.

2009 Established Weinmann Metal Products (Huizhou) Co., Ltd

2011 Introduction of FAT rim series: DHL80, DHL100

2012 Closed Shenzhen branch.

2012 Introduction of LIGHTWEIGHT RIM SERIES.

2015 Introduction of TUBELESS READY SERIES.

2015 Introduction of E-BIKE RIM SERIES.

2016 Import new machinery for TWIN angle for big hub E-BIKE.

2017 Introduction of QX welding rim series.

2018 Closed Kun-Shan rim plant.

2018 Develop 12” Double wall tubeless rim for push bike.

2019 Imported and renew facility.